Why Billion Dollar Lawyers Association?

Why the Billion Dollar Lawyers Association?

The Pinnacle of Legal Excellence

The Billion Dollar Lawyers Association was founded with the purpose of honoring high-achieving attorneys and firms with case results of one billion dollars or more, and of providing a national forum for members to exchange information. As an exclusive organization available to less than 1% of U.S. attorneys and firms in the nation and world, you can be a part of an elite network of legal professionals.

What benefits do members receive?

  • Certification: Members receive a certificate as proof of membership and validation of their successful accomplishments.
  • Use of our exclusive logo & trademark: Members can use our exclusive logo and trademark for their websites, advertising, and other forms of communication. Having our logo and identifying marks can help increase your notoriety with clients and your colleagues.
  • Member list & directory: Members will be listed in our Member Directory, which can be used as a resource for referrals and information exchange by members and non-members.
  • Press release: Once approved as a member, a press release will be issued announcing your membership. Members may distribute to clients, other attorneys, or publications.
  • Networking & referrals: As a member, you are a part of an exclusive network of leading trial attorneys and firms in the nation. This provides an excellent forum for networking, referrals, and exchange of information.

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Interested in Joining the Nation's Top Lawyers & Firms?

You've worked hard during your career and made a name for yourself. Take that notoriety to the next level with membership into the Billion Dollar Lawyers Association. We offer a unique platform for attorneys and firms to take their career to new heights through our endorsement and access to a national network of leading legal professionals. Attorneys can apply both as a single attorney as well as a firm.

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